Realistic Custom Self - Defense, Customized for Men, Women, and Adolescents (Ages 12 and up)

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Combat in the street is completely unpredictable.

We Integrate Reality Based Kung Fu to help prepare you to defend yourself!



One of the great things about Kung Fu is that it is circular. If you have no experience with circular movement then Kung Fu can be enlightening, as circular movement is harder to detect, block and counter than linear movement. It also greatly increases your ability to connect w/ your opponent, protect your self, and control when needed.

Our classes are Reality Based where Krav Maga, Kung Fu, and other styles of training  are infused together. This is one way we Customize our Self Defense to the student, as we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Our original Kung Fu style originated from Tai Kit Kuen Kung Fu, but has since evolved, incorporating a mix of Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Chin Na, Control Tactics and much more. We are continuously evolving. All training again, is based on real scenarios, weapons defense and multiple attacks.

We focus on defending and countering from any side or angle of your body and any position, weather it be standing, kneeling, sitting, ground etc. You should feel you have defense tactics you can use no matter what. You will learn through instinct to protect yourself and position yourself for tactical advantage.

If you are unfamiliar with Kung Fu it can be confusing, as there are hundreds of Kung Fu styles. They can range from soft to hard styles, and from internal to external. Soft tends to be more internal, while hard tends to use more external and based more on physical striking. Our style of Kung Fu incorporates some hard and soft, and some internal and external to properly balance your skills. For example, you can strike as hard as you want, however the more tension your body has before the strike, the less strength, power, and speed it actually has. If you learn to relax and then tense jest before the strike while using your whole body to follow through the strike, you can make the strike 4x more powerful and faster. Now add in using hip movement and torque, and you can have strength from your lead side as well as from your rear side (as most people only throw w/ power from the rear or cross techniques).

Leading With Your Strong Side Forward!

Leading with your strong side is something we teach our students. You are still required to be proficient from both sides. Strong side forward  is unorthodox, as many believe you need to strike from the rear to have power. However, we teach you how to put your strong side forward. This can give you an advantage in many ways.

  • Your strongest techniques are closer to your opponent - this allows you to close the gap faster and leaves little time, if any, for your opponent to block your strikes, because your strikes need to travel a much shorter distance.
  • Your body mechanics are better set up for you to have an advantage - We teach you how to use the lead hand to efficiently and quickly deliver your techniques with a smaller circular movement, by learning how to used proper body mechanics, placing your whole body behind each and every strike.
  • Your opponent thinks you are a "South Paw" (or left handed) when you are not - This is deceiving because your opponent may assume you strongest techniques will be executed from the rear hand or leg, when in reality you can execute them from the lead or the rear.
  • Our style of blocking is completely ambidextrous - This means that you do not have to adjust your footwork with your opponent, and allows you the advantage of placing your best, most comfortable side forward if needed.

 **You may also chose to take Kung Fu specific lessons as an individual, or a private group lesson, instead of integrating it with our Krav Maga and Custom Self Defense System.

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